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Silverado Days Events

Everyone has fun at Silverado Days!  It's the best familiy entertainment money can buy.  There is so much to do and see; three days is almost not enough time. There are tons of contests to enter (and win hopefully), there are plenty of bands and other forms of entertainment to see, there is every form of food from every corner of the globe to taste, and there are games of all kinds to play!  If it's not at Silverado Days, then it probably doesn't exist.

Use the "Search" box on the right to find your interests.  Want to explore all the tribute bands that are going to play, enter the word "tribute" to see where and when they are going to play.  See the full schedule below to browse three days' worth of fun!

Full Schedule

Friday October 19th

Time Event Location

4:00 PM Silverado Kids Klinic Chili Stage

5:00 PM Sam’s Market Place- Crafts and Commercial venders Sam’s Marketplace

5:00 PM Carnival Opens Wristbands $25 one Day VIP Line $15 Carnival Rides

5:30 PM Hi-Tops- by Buena Park SLDC Main Stage

6:00 PM Packet Pickup Silverado Days 5K until 9:00 PM Chili Stage

6:00 PM  Miss Silverado Scholarship Program Main Stage

7:30 PM Big City Swing Committee Main Stage

9:00 PM Bike Drawing Main Stage


Saturday October 20th

5:00AM 5K Packet Pick Up Chili Stage

7:00 AM Silverado Days 5K El Dorado Drive

10:00 AM Professional Horseshoe Contest Horseshoe pits

10:00 AM Amateur Arm Wrestling Championships Arm Wrestling Stage

11:00 AM Baby Classic Registration Main Stage

11:00 AM Buena Park Community Chorus Main Stage

12:00 Noon Baby Classic Contest Main Stage

12:00  Frog Jumping Registration until 2:00PM Pancake Pavilion

1:00 PM Carnival Rides (Wristbands $30 one Day, VIP Line $15 Carnival Rides

1:00 PM Pie Eating Contest Senior Pavilion

1:30 PM Hana Korean Dance Troupe Main Stage

2:00 PM Frog Jumping Contest Pancake Pavilion

2:30 PM Sweetwater Creek Band Main Stage

4:00 PM Kids Karnival Chili Area

5:00 PM  West Coast Pops Orchestra Main Stage

8:00 PM Aquarius Main Stage

9:00 PM Bike Drawing Main Stage


Sunday October 21st

7:00 AM Buena Park Noon Lions Pancake Breakfast Pancake Pavilion

9:00 AM Silverado Days Classics on the Green Car Show Peak Park West

10:00 AM Horeshoes Horse shoe pits

10:00 AM Rotary Club Chili Cook-Off Chili Stage

12:00 Noon Mutt Show & Contest Main Stage

1:00 PM Carnival Rides (Wristbands $30 one Day, VIP Line $15 Carnival Rides

1:30 PM Soroptimist’s Men’s Legs Contest Main Stage

2:00 PM Boys &Girls Club Woodshop Weekend Pancake Pavilion

3:00 PM Steel Parade Main Stage

3:00 PM Hog Calling Chili stage"

5:30 PM Raymond Michael (Tribute to Elvis) Main Stage

8:30 PM Silverado Days awards and Bike Drawing Main Stage

9:00 PM Buena Park Noon Lions  Drawing Main Stage